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Doctor and staff are friendly and professional. I could not ask for a better optometrist. The whole family are patients since 2013.

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Staff and doctor are amazing. Dr. Jeff explains everything well and has found conditions with…

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Visiting Dr. Sciberras has always been a satisfying experience. You leave the office having been “taken care of” by an expert! Patient since 2015.

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Frame Fittings


Dr. Sciberras will personally attend to you in selecting the right frame and lens combination to meet your unique personal needs. This can be done after your exam or can be booked on a separate visit, at no extra cost or obligation.

Selecting a frame is more than choosing a shape or color you like, it’s about what frame will fit comfortably for all-day wear, and withstand the abuse of everyday wear, with special consideration given to the strength of your prescription and the type of lenses best suited for your lifestyle and vision demands.

Having assessed your eyes, Dr. Sciberras will know exactly what type of coatings are required, whether Transitions lenses are your best choice, and what minimum size of lenses you need for the particular purpose prescribed.

Most patients say they want their glasses to make them look younger, or to have a frame that meets the current style, so he is also fully aware of the cosmetic appeal of glasses. Once your frame style is selected, fitting of the frames to your preference and unique facial geometry is key to a comfortable fit.  Dr. Sciberras will manipulate the frames to fit you prior to taking all the necessary measurements to have the lenses manufactured to your personalized setting.  Dr. Sciberras stakes his professional reputation on each pair of eyeglasses he dispenses.

Our dispensary has over 700 frames that are regularly updated to meet current fashion trends and manufacturing technologies, in a variety of sizes, colors and price points. Dr. Sciberras meets with his sales reps regularly to ensure the latest styles and color choices are available, as well as to introduce new material combinations and technologies, but especially to offer the best value for his patients.

Dr. Sciberras verifies each finished lens meets strict specifications for accuracy and overall quality prior to their delivery.  Our staff tightens all the frame screws prior to their delivery to you.

When picking up your new eyeglasses, Dr. Sciberras will ensure they fit properly and comfortably. He will advise you when to wear your glasses, what to expect with your new prescription, how to use your lenses to get the best vision, and how to correctly care for your eyeglasses.

In the event your frames need an adjustment or repair down the road, rest assured we will be there for you.  Frame adjustments are complimentary for the life of your frames.

Above all else, know that at Dr. Sciberras’ clinic, your vision matters to us.

When you are quoted for lenses at our office, Dr. Sciberras includes all the features and qualities he would recommend for himself if he was in your eyes/shoes.  All add-on features such as anti-glare, scratch protection, UV Filter and tints are quoted at cost. That means there is no additional retail mark-up, and therefore no bias to recommend features and absolutely no pressure tactics employed.

Frame Brands We Carry: